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"Twelve years ago, Ravyn watched her mother die after a man emerged from
the shadows and killed her. But nobody believed her. Now seventeen, she wants
nothing more than to leave the horrors of her childhood behind, and escape from

the shadows that continue to haunt her.

When she meets a group of people just like her— people who can also see these

beings of darkness— everything changes.

Ravyn isn’t as alone as she thought. She is introduced to a world of magic she
has lived in without ever realising it. Desperate to escape the past, Ravyn agrees
to go with her new friends so she can explore what this magical world has to
offer. But the shadows are growing restless. They know who she is. They know
that her mother’s magic has passed down to her, and it won’t be long before the
full force of it is running through her. With history set to repeat itself, Ravyn
must learn how to embrace all that has happened and use it to help her destroy
the people who have caused her so much pain. Unless she can fend off the
darkness, Ravyn and her friends will suffer the same fate her mother did all

those years ago.

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