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Current Status: Shelved

**This is an unofficial cover image**

A NA Magical Realism novel

Two girls who can see each other in their dreams. Avery- a lonely schoolgirl who is struggling to cope with her parents rivalry. Gael- stuck in a house with her alcoholic mother. Both long to find each other, but since Gael doesn’t know where she lives and is forbidden to leave the house, it seems impossible for these two girls to ever see the other in person.

But then Avery finds a missing person poster of Gael, from ten years ago. She’s determined to find her, and save her from a life of misery. She will find her, no matter what the cost. She enlists the help of two complete strangers who take her down darker, more dangerous routes. But she will do anything to find her sister.

Anything at all.

A story that puts friendship and loyalty to the test, a story where life and death become a game of truth and lies.

Sleep tight, child. The nightmares are waiting.

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