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The Secrets Of The Forest

Release date: 31st July 2019

A YA Paranormal Fantasy novel.

Sarah-Rose is dying. The Forest is killing her. Soon, it will own her soul and decide whether she dies and is buried beside her father, or becomes a spirit wandering through its trees for eternity. She should have listened to everyone when they told her to stay out of the Forest. But after a family crisis, it’s the only place she wants to be.

But there is something dark at work in the Forest. Something is hiding in the shadows. It seems the Forest holds more secrets than anyone ever realized.

Drawn to the mystery and magic of the trees, Sarah-Rose is unable to resist the urge to see what lies beyond the borders of the Forest. She’s determined to discover its secrets before it takes her soul. But maybe some secrets should stay secrets. They might be the things that kill her first.


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